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About Anferjo

Anferjo is a Spanish company located in Valencia on the Mediterranean Coast, which is specialized in fresh anchovies (Spanish: Boquerones). 

Anferjo’s main objective has always been to provide its customers with fresh products. This is possible by making the productin process of the European anchovies as short as possible (time from port to final customer as short as possible). Even today the freshness of the products is the main objective of Anferjo.


History: The project

Anferjo began as a small family project which has grown to become an important company in the spanish canned fish sector. The initial efforts of the founders Primo Guío Agudo and Maria Perez Agudo succeded: "It all started slowly. In the beginning we sold small tins, which were increased to larger sizes and then finally to tubs. The first time we sold 5 tins of fish I thought: I wish we could sell the same amount every day!"
The current sales volume are over 150 tonnes / year.


History: The past

In the 50's, Primo Guío Agudo set up Conservas Guío in the historical centre of Valencia in a small building located at the Plaza de la Virgen.
Conservas Guío's first steps were directed towards the commercialization of different types of canned fish and shellfish, such as cockles, anchovies, stuffed olives, mussels and, of course, European anchovies. Due to the success of the company’s European anchovies and anchovies, activities were focused on these fish. Within 10 years, the company moved from its small premises in Plaza de la Virgen to larger facilities in the Serrería area, near the port of Valencia.
The second generation of the Guío family took over the business in the 70's. Respecting family tradition and love of well done work the company made a definitive step, expanding from the local market in Valencia to cover whole Spain. This expansion led Conservas Guío’s production to grow at a constant rate.


History: The present and future

The company still retains the family character like over the last decades. Now the firm is managed by the founder’s grandchildren who continue to work each day in order to maintain high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.
Innovation has been and is very important to the company. This innovation is conducted by a team of professional researchers who are up to date of the current developments in the study of European anchovies and the tinned food industry. This team is also responsible for the quality of the products, one of the most important assets of the company.
As part of this process of innovation and the desire to adapt to changing times, in 1999 the company updated its public identity. As a result of this process, Conservas Guío was renamed to Anferjo. The new premises, the machinery and the team have helped Anferjo to adapt to the changing market demands.
When asked about their product, the answer is very clear: "We only produce European anchovies, but we produce them in the way people want and we do it well."

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Compra YA boquerones en vinagre de calidad. Directos de Anferjo.